ADVATx is the world’s most advanced ­fractional

­solid-state yellow & infrared ­laser.



ADVATx consists of two laser parts with a gain crystal each. Both lines are pumped with an 808 nm pump source. One of the lasers emits a 1064 nm light and the other 1319 nm light.

Both lines share a Q-Switch which modulates both laser lines so they generate a pulse-train of light pulses instead of a continuous wave of light. The two pulse-trains are then send through a non-linear crystal (LBO) which combines the energy of a 1064 photon with a 1319 photon thereby generating 589 nm light.



 Clinical optimal wavelength – 589nm

When targeting vascular abnormalities, the ultimate goal is to target hemoglobin with a wavelength that achieves maximum absorption with a minimum loss of energy in the melanin. It’s well known, and ­clinically validated,that light within the yellow spectrum achieves this desired peak absorption rate.

ADVATx, is the only solid state laser in the world capable of producing the optimal wavelength of 589 nm. Our patented laser diode technology means no more consumables and the elimination of expensive, messy and toxic dye kits.

ADVA Device





“Both 589nm and 1319nm are delivered via a scanner hand piece in either single spot or fractionated scan patterns.”