cosjetatr2 Device

Experience the best solution for tattoo & pigment removal

Q-Switched 1064nm & 532nm Nd:YAG Laser










  • There are lots of Q-Switched Nd : YAG Laser but ATR is absolutely the best solution for Q-Switched Nd : YAG Laser system. Perfect Top-Hat mode and complete beam shaping technologies were implemented by WONTECH’s R&D group. It is very important & critical in laser toning and overall treatment of pigmentation. WONTECH Co.,Ltd. has still kept upgrading them and met customers’ needs. That is why lots of doctors & practitioners have still applied with ATR worldwide more than 15 years. Epidermal Lesions is treated with 532nm and Dermal Pigment lesions is treated with 1064nm which applied to ATRS. You could easily utilize Soft Peel with carbon cream and Genesis Mode based on ATR basically.


  • Highly effective in treatment s of dermal/epidermal lesions and pigmentation
  • Perfect top head beam prole with optimal beam quality
  • FR(free-running) Mode for the skin rejuvenation effect by collagen stimulation and skin tightening
  • Dual toning technique using both FR(free-running) mode and 1064nm mode


  • Epidermal Lesions
  • Freckles, Melasma, Café au Lait
  • Age Spot(Senile Lentigos)
  • Solar Lentigos(Sun spots)
  • Seborrheic Keratosis
  • Dermal Lesions
  • Various Color Tattoo
  • Nevus of Ota
  • PIH
  • Becker’s Nevus
  • Soft Peel & Genesis
  • Soft Peel with carbon cream for removing a dead skin cell
  • : Acne (especially for seborrhea), Large Pores, Skin Brightening
  • Genesis using PTP Mode and Dual pulse energy
  • : Skin Rejuvenation by stimulating a brous cell in the skin