LipoCollector Device
LipoCollector Device

Best fat quality

Usage and benefits

The LipoCollector® is a safe, easy and effective system for harvesting medium to large amounts of fat..




Fast. Easy Tissue sparing..


The LipoCollector® 3 is an advanced system for harvesting medium to large amounts of fat cells.

  • The most recent innovation of the LipoCollector® series stands out due to its particularly easy handling. As a gentle and efficient instrument, the LipoCollector® is ideal for the autologous fat transfer of medium and large volumes. The LipoCollector has been designed for easy, fast and effective harvesting of fat volumina up to 1.000 ml. During the liposuction process, the fat gained is continuously being washed, filtered and concentrated. Centrifugation or other time consuming preparations before the fat is being transfered are not necessary..
LipoCollector Device

Advantages at a glance


Why the LipoCollector® 3 is first choice when it comes to good results with reduced effort

  • Effective
  • Time saving and high flexibility thanks to the continuous separation of adipose tissue and fluid during fat harvesting
  • Centrifugation and further processing of the collected fat are not necessary; the fat is immediately available for grafting.
  • Harvesting of highly vital adipose tissue including stromal vascular fraction (SVF) and stem cells (ASC)
  • Suitable for up to 1.000 ml
  • Effective Filtration: removal of fibrous tissue
  • Easy
  • Quick and easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Autoclavable
  • Separate opening for extraction
  • Safe
  • Sterile, closed system for fat harvesting
  • The suction does not put a strain on the aspirated fat


Most effective complete disposable system


  • Collection: up to 1,000 ml fat tissue in a sterile, closed system
  • Automatic removal of drugs (e.g. local anesthetics, adrenaline)
  • Filtration: removal of fibrous tissue
  • Due to the new mesh filter and the drain the residual liquid in the lipoaspirate is reduced to 15 %


  • Time saving – no further processing (e.g. no centrifugation)
  • Sterile fat extraction for immediate fat transfer


  • Optimum fluid content of 15 %
  • Highest possible fat viability of 90 % harvested with body-jet® technology
  • Optimum fat cell cluster size of approx. 0.9 mm for highest survival rates 1