Linscan Device
Linscan Device


Diode laser with 808 nm
The LinScan is the most versatile diode laser on the market making hair removal profitable without anesthetics and gels.


Adaptable treatment options:

  • Fast treatments and a good visibility of the treatment area due to a large sapphire crystal
  • Remove fine hair with high fluence and short pulses
  • Protect darker skin with a strong integrated contact cooling
  • Offer virtually pain-free hair removal

This is possible with only one handpiece – thanks to the innovative linear scanning technology.

Linscan Device


Hair Removal

You are able to select the optimal treatment settings customized to each patient:

  • Standard Mode: clinically documented and proven to deliver results. High power and a wide variation of pulse durations enable treatment of nearly any hair diameter or hair color.
  • • Comfort Mode: virtually pain-free hair removal due to pulse stacking. Attractive option for physicians, medical spa professionals and patients.


Very fast, safe and effective treatment of onychomycosis.

Vascular lesions*

Option to treat some vascular lesions in light skin types.

Linscan Device



  • Large treatment area up to 25 mm x 10 mm

Safe and comfortable for all skin types

  • Powerful contact cooling down to 0°C

Powerful contact cooling down to 0°C

  • Small footprint even with cart – fully transportable

Intelligent Software

  • Intuitive user interface similar to a smartphone
  • Easy and safe due to a guided input


  • Engineered and manufactured in Germany


  • Very low running cost
  • No consumables or disposables
  • Long life-time of the diode
  • No service technician needed for installation or transport

Model for heavy duty users

The model Twin Scan has the opportunity to attach an applicator with a very large treatment area of 50 mm x 15 mm (7.5 cm²). The treatment of a back will take less than 15 minutes.


Linear Scanning

  • A laser beam is scanned over the entire treatment area.
  • This process takes approximately 1 sec and is similar to the scanning of a photocopier