N- LINEt Module

nlinet module

The Versatile Module The N-LINEt module is a portable unit designed for the treatment of localized body areas.




Specifically designed to treat hands, lower legs and feet. Depending on the targeted area, the module can be set up differently for each treatment. The module operates with a high UV intensity. This makes the treatments particularly short and effec¬tive.

A sturdy case and acrylic panels protect the lamps and allow the patient to place their feet directly on the device. The device is easy to clean and simple to use. The perfect device for serious at home treatments.

The operation of the device is safe and easy to understand. The dosage is simply entered via an electronic timer.

Highly efficient aluminum reflectors maximize the tubes output. The treatment time is shortened and energy is saved. The arrangement in double rows ensures a more homogeneous light distribution. The arrangement compensates the typical radiation loss at the ends of larger lamps.